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Upcoming Webinars: 

Tackling Turnover Post COVID
June 21, 2023 @ Noon
Presenter: Vernon Mason, Jr. M.Ed.

The webinar is approved by DCDEE for 1 hour of training credit

Directing a childcare program has its challenges; one of the biggest is retaining quality staff. In this session, the presenter—a director with 30 years of experience—will share examples of how directors can support their staff, reduce staff turnover, raise staff morale, and build dedication for little or no cost. Participants will be asked to share innovative ideas that they have used. We will also discuss obstacles in achieving the desired outcome.  Participants will leave with practical information to put into immediate use in their programs. This workshop is based on the book Don’t Go!

About Vernon: Vernon Mason is an author, humorist, keynote speaker and workshop trainer. He’s a former child care center owner and administrator with more than 25-years’ experience, as well as a former NCLCCA board member and a past president for the association. 

In 2015 Vernon launched Directors Leadership Solutions out of his desire to make a director’s path to success easier. Directors Leadership Solutions is also where businesses and organizations large and small find information on scheduling Vernon for speaking engagements, secret shopping, and to talk administrators through difficult times.

His popular keynotes and trainings include: Don’t Waste a Crisis, where there’s a will there’s a way (a story of perseverance in tough times); Avoiding Burnout by Finding and Keeping your Happiness; Tackling Turnover (praising and rewarding staff for little or no cost); Zero to Hero, improving an employee’s performance or setting them free; and, Early Childhood/Preschool Classroom Management. Vernon provides his keynote sessions and trainings for conferences, corporate functions and professional development events.

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What’s a Zoomer?
July 13, 2023 @ Noon
Presenter: Kathe Petchel, Hinge Advisors

The webinar is approved by DCDEE for 1 hour of training credit

Definitive characteristics of the highly connected newest members of the workforce: Let’s welcome your new team: Hello, Gen Z!

Managing the incoming group of Gen Z employees presents a golden opportunity for a savvy and sensitive school leader. Let’s face it: not only are they not going anywhere :) but soon they will be our parent consumers too! Embracing a generation that averages 100 or more texts a day, and easily multitasks using 5 screens simultaneously, with an attention span of 8 seconds, certainly is a challenge! Kathe Petchel from Hinge Advisors Client Relations team will lead an entertaining and thought-provoking presentation that includes strategies for embracing the sometimes quirky, socially responsible, family-oriented Z’s.

Key concepts we’ll cover: 

  • Overview of 5 Generations in the Workplace
  • Gen Z age ranges and descriptions
  • How and Why Gen Z is Different from every other generation
  • Attracting Gen Z to your Team- 5 Key Elements
  • Managing a Gen Z staff member without discouraging them
  • Incorporating Gen Z onto your team: Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams and their favored language of appreciation
  • Professional Development opportunities for your Gen Z team
  • Planning ahead: Generation Z will soon surround us as employees and parents. What should we put in place now? 
  • Tik Tok creators

About Kathe:  Kathe Petchel has worked in early childhood education since 1980. A graduate of Penn State University, Kathe earned her B.S. in Elementary Education with an early childhood emphasis. She began her education career working as a public school teacher before opening her own preschool center in Virginia in 1984. She now owns three sites serving more than 300 families in Charlottesville.

In 2017, Kathe joined the team at HINGE Advisors as a staffing and operations consultant to support selling clients in the early and late stages of their transaction process. Now in her Client Relations role, Kathe focuses on building relationships with potential sellers and works alongside our financial analyst as a liaison to provide support as sellers seek the value of their company.

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