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The Childcare Fiscal Cliff: Are You Ready?

March 20, 2024 @ Noon
Presenter: Kathe Petchel, Hinge Advisors

Everyone knows the compensation grants - part of the COVID funding Congress sent to states starting in 2021 - are set to end June 30, 2024. Unlike most states where the grants ended September 2023, North Carolina managed their funds wisely, “found” extra money, and pushed out the “Fiscal Cliff” that’s expected to hit child care providers (and families).

Hopefully you’ve been planning for the eventual end to grants. But what are the signs of a healthy child care business? What does your “dashboard” look like in terms of the key financial indicators you focus on? And are you setting yourself up to just get by, or are you growing prosperity and strengthening your business? And are you doing so in ways that will allow you go grow, acquire another provider, or position your business for a healthy sale down the road.

Join us March 20 @ noon to hear from Kathe Petchel, business development specialist with Hinge Advisors AND the owner of three child care centers in Charlottesville, Virginia. Kathe will provide info and insights on how to prepare to meet and avoid the Fiscal Cliff.

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