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NCLCCA is hard at work in Raleigh with lawmakers and those who establish rules and regulations. Just a few of our accomplishments in recent years include:

  • For details about our work during the pandemic - CLICK HERE.
  • Fought to stop Senate Bill 212 which would make it harder for childcare providers to find, hire and keep good lead teachers. The legislation would be a burden for lead teachers, delay teacher hiring and raise the already high child care costs for families! 
  • We are the only organization who worked to ”Stop the Swipes!” with our efforts around SEEK!
  • We created a 4-hour initial Health and Safety training that was less time-intensive than the online ProSolutions option, saving centers at least 15 hours per staff member
  • Had Early Educator Certification eliminated from law, preventing thousands of potential staff terminations down the road and saving providers the additional costs of CEUs. 
  • We repeatedly raised concerns with DCDEE around Criminal Background Check delays, leading to the expedited online pilot and the emailing of qualification letters, saving centers 3+ weeks in delays and putting qualified teachers in classrooms sooner. 
  • We pointed out delays with the online EPR template and an insufficient pool of trainers, leading to a one-year rule postponement that allowed necessary infrastructure to be ready. 
  • We pointed out corrections needed for the “off-the-shelf” EPR training to align with NC’s rules, and identified an alternative that allowed staff to complete EPR training in one session rather than two, saving time and money.
  • We work to bring more “real world” conversations to the NC Child Care Commission table, so that the business side of child care can be understood.

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