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GREAT NEWS! – DCDEE Announces Extension of “Compensation Grants” for Three Additional Quarters, Through December of 2023! 

DCDEE announced in a webinar on Tuesday, Sept. 13, that the “Compensation Grants” that are part of ongoing “Stabilization Grants” will be extended for an additional three quarters beyond their expected end date.  This means that instead of ALL “Stabilization Grants” funding coming to an end with what was supposed to be the last grant payments in January 2023 (for January-March), ONLY the “Fixed Costs & Families Grants” will end with that January payment.  The “Compensation Grants” – which can be used for “Bonuses” (Option 1) or “Base Pay/Benefits” (Option 2) – will continue quarterly through December of 2023. 

Additionally, because the federal funding source for the extended grants is different from the funding source for the grants, to date, providers will have until Sept. 30, 2024 to spend the extended “Compensation Grants” instead of September 30, 2023, which is the deadline for spending the grant funding received so far.  Please note that the next two regularly scheduled grant payments coming in October and January also must be spent by September 30 of 2023. 

DCDEE also reminded providers of the following during the webinar:

  • In order to receive the next regularly scheduled Stabilization Grants (both “Fixed Costs and Families Grants” and “Compensation Grants”) in October (for Oct. 1-Dec.31, 2022), providers MUST complete BOTH their Quarterly Update and a Recertification application (due every six months) by October 7.  According to DCDEE, these will be available for providers to complete next week on Sept. 19, and if you don’t complete both on time (by Oct. 7) you won’t get the full grant amount for this quarter.
  • “Fixed Costs & Families Grants” will be reduced again in October – according to DCDEE, they will only equal approximately 1/3 of what they were in April.  
  • There is no change in the formula for "Compensation Grants” (they are not being reduced by DCDEE).  However, the formula for “Compensation Grants” for the "Base pay/Benefits” option (NOT the “Bonuses” option) includes a quality enhancement bonus for 3-, 4-, and 5-star rated child care programs equal to 10% of the "Fixed Costs and Families Grant” amount; therefore, when it decreases, it does impact “Compensation Grants.” 

Today’s webinar was the first of three that DCDEE announced last week for licensed child care providers to hear what officials called “an important briefing” on child care “Stabilization Grants.”  The other two webinars are listed below. DCDEE said they plan to add a Saturday webinar for providers who cannot find time to attend on a week day, but did not have that date/time available yet.

NCLCCA strongly encourages providers to still attend one of the available webinars because even though you have heard the big news here (because NCLCCA attended the first webinar for our members and advocates), the webinars provide an opportunity to ask questions of DCDEE officials through the “Q&A” or “Chat” tools on the webinar platform, Webex. 

If you don’t already have Webex on your computer or phone, which you will need to participate in DCDEE webinars, you can find a free download online HERE.

DCDEE “Stabilization (Compensation) Grants” Upcoming Webinars

  • September 14, 2022 (Wed.), 5 p.m.  
  • September 15, 2022 (Thurs.) 12 p.m./Noon
  • Saturday webinar to be announced by DCDEE

Join the webinar of your choice – when it’s time – by clicking on the “Join Webinar” link on the DCDEE website HERE.  

Remember! – The “Fixed Costs & Families Grants” will still end after the January 2023 quarterly grant payment (for the months of January, February and March 2023).  It is ONLY the “Compensation Grants” that will be extended for three quarters through December 2023.  Providers may still choose either the “Bonuses” option (Option 1) or the “Base Pay/Benefits” option (Option 2) for the extended “Compensation Grants.”

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