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The Voice - April 16, 2015



We are THRILLED to be able to share this announcement with you...

SEEK is being DISCONTINUED!  (Click here for the provider letter.)

In the wake of this awesome news, here are two very important action items for you.

1) Jump, shout, pat yourself on the back and celebrate not only the great news, but also the importance and value of YOUR advocacy association, NCLCCA, which worked tirelessly over the last five years to make this happen!  We never gave up and neither did you!

2)  Do NOT destroy or throw out your POS machines.  Wait for further guidance from DCDEE about what to do with them - they will need to be returned to the contractor in order to avoid a penalty.

No More SEEK!

As of April 30, 2015, the SEEK swipe card system will end. DCDEE has notified NCLCCA that it will move in a new direction with subsidy attendance and payment.  You can resume your regular sign-in processes with your families and the regular manual attendance reporting process you have been using for subsidy for the past several years.

NCLCCA has worked toward this goal since September 2009, just two months after SEEK was first initiated by DCDEE.  NCLCCA leaders and members continually pressed DCDEE staff over problems with the system and unintended consequences.  NCLCCA also worked in the NC General Assembly to end SEEK, launching our “Stop the Swipes” campaign last year to clearly identify to state legislators the myriad of challenges and problems created by the SEEK system for providers, parents, DSS staff, and everyone else affected by it.

We believe our work with current DCDEE leaders slowed the rollout of SEEK and we are thankful to them for listening to us and responding to our concerns.  Slowing down the statewide implementation process allowed them time to gather important data, which we are sure was instrumental in their very difficult decision to discontinue SEEK.  (Remember the whole time we were fighting on behalf of providers for DCDEE to either "fix" SEEK or throw it out, they were doing their extremely difficult jobs of trying to make it work for everybody - an impossible task that was largely out of their control.)

What's Next?

Current DCDEE leaders and staff have worked hard to identify new opportunities to automate the child care subsidy attendance and payment process.  We appreciate that they have already reached out to NCLCCA to invite our input as they begin to build what we hope will be a more customer-friendly and efficient system.  As the Division works toward that goal, NCLCCA will keep its members posted, and solicit and share vital provider input with key DCDEE staff.  

Thank you for your support of NCLCCA. You should be proud to be part of an organization that is looking out for your best interests, as a child care provider, and who is not afraid to speak out for you - for however long it takes - when most of the other voices have silenced.

THIS is one of the many reasons why you and your center(s) cannot afford to NOT be a part of the NC Licensed Child Care Association.  If you are not a member, JOIN TODAY!  If you're a member but not already a part of the NCLCCA Advocacy Council, please consider making an investment today to support and steer our advocacy work.

Please let us know if you have any questions and don't forget to celebrate this super news!

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