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Instructions for Written Comment

Frequently Asked Questions about Sharing Feedback with the NC Child Care Commission


What should I say?  Whatever is on your mind.  If your comments are part of the official Public Comment period for proposed rules, it's better to stick to those rules.  If you have something else to say that does not fit into the proposed rules, we recommend sending it in a separate letter.


Unlike a Public Hearing where your time may be limited to 3 minutes, you have no limits to the length of your letter.


How should I say it? 

  • Obviously, threatening mail is never a good thing!  But you should let your passion show.
  • Whenever you can, give real examples of how a rule has been interpreted or ways you think it could be misinterpreted. Those are helpful, especially to commissioners who are not child care providers or have not been a provider under the current 2-component rated license system.
  • If you possibly can, recommend alternative language that would make the rule better or alleviate the problem you see with it as it is currently written.
  • If you think the rule needs to be eliminated, feel free to say that.
  • If you have an issue with something in the rule that is NOT changing, you are welcome to speak to that too.  Once a rule is open, even if it is only to change one word, the whole rule is scrutinized.


Where should I send comments? 

  • You can email comments to all of the 17 commission members plus DCDEE staff using the email addresses found on this document, although sometimes it takes a while for this document to be updated by DCDEE. Type carefully, and include also so we can echo your comments, since we often have an opportunity to speak to some of the commission members one-on-one.


What else do I need to know?

  • It's nice to let them know some background, such as "I'm a five star center center owner from New Bern, serving as director and we have 175 children enrolled, serving infants through school age, with one NC Pre-K classroom and we do accept subsidy vouchers." or "I'm the director of a 4 star center affiliated with a church in Shelby and we're licensed for 55 children ages 2 to 5."
  • If you cover multiple topics, use bullets, or separate each different topic somehow to make it an easier document to read.

For example:

"I am Jane Doe.  I own two centers in Harnett County and we have 175 children enrolled, with 75% funded through the subsidy program. 


I would like to encourage you to change the 90 days to 6 months in rule .2830(c). I lost two 5 point lead teachers last fall.  I used my floater and our assistant director while we interviewed but it took 2 months to get both spots filled.  They both had AAS early childhood degrees but one left after 3 weeks to work for NC Pre-K and the other one stayed 2 months before she decided to go back to school full time. 


The two individuals I hired to replace them haven't started yet because one is waiting on a background check from New York and the other one has had to respond to some items on her record and the background checks are not completed for either of them. 


We can't find people with degrees who want to work in child care, so 90 days is not enough time.  We need to be able to hire people who will agree to work toward the education level we need.  Years ago when we were able to be more selective in hiring, we found candidates who were good with children and a good fit for our center, and we could encourage them to enroll in classes. Again, please consider changing 90 days to 6 months in rule .2830(c)."


Will NCLCCA help me?  We will be honored to review your written comments and make suggestions!  Please give us as much notice as possible.


What written resources do you have for me to review?

Typically we have included links to the rules either in a Spotlight email or as part of the Commission meting event linked on our home page, or both.  If you can't find what you need, email and let us help.  Sometimes it's difficult to find proposed rules on the DCDEE website.


When you see proposed rules, the new rule language is underlined and the rule language being removed is struck through.


The report on the Cost Impact (also called the Fiscal Report or the Impact Report) can also be helpful, especially if your experience with cost impact differs from what the report says.  Feel free to include feedback on that in your comment.


Please let them hear from you!  We speak on your behalf, but hearing it from a GROUP of providers carries even MORE weight!


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